ZWO ASI071 Camera

Hi Leo.

I read that you had a ASI071 on loan for a few months to help setup the Native driver support for the ZWO cameras.
Not strictly Voyager related but I was wondering if you managed to try the 071 under the stars. If so what did you think of the camera and the data you obtained. I have seen reports of condensation and frost on the new Pro version if it is not cooled slowly. Did you see this problem.
I am considering this camera for a duel Mono, OSC rig. Voyager of course.

Many thanks and keep up your great work.


Hi Graham, I never used under the sky. CMOS isn’t for me. I found much better the Dslr like the Canon 6D.

I sold the ASI two days ago … I used it only on the desk, sorry.

All the best

Hi Leo,

Thank you your prompt answer.
Question was just in the hope that you may have had some feedback. Not worry.
Thanks again