All night Dragscript with Wait Safe and Pocket Power Box management

Weather_multiple_targets_RESUME.chg.vos (224,6 KB)
Hello to all,

I’ve just finished a DragScript to control all night shooting at my observatory. It’s based in the official example provided by Leonardo but I don’t have a control card so I removed all that instructions and rearranged some logic.

Maybe, this could be useful to those who have a Pegasus Astro PowerBox (the link points to the PDF “PocketPowerbox Serial Command Language”). The serial port command turns out very handy.

If somebody have some idea… there is plenty of room for improvement :thinking:

Thank you Leonardo for this incredibly useful and well made piece of software.


Wow thanks for sharing Jorge! I have a base PPB and I didn’t even know the serial port command. Looks very useful!

However I don’t recognize the “Serial Port String Transmit”. Is that a Viking-only function? Where do I find it in the DragScript editor?


Hi Yizhou,

It’s inside the OPERATING SYSTEM group of the editor:

2020-12-06 22_33_25-VOYAGER DragScript Editor (1.0.71) - C__Users_jpadron_Documents_Voyager_Script_W


Sweet! Thanks a lot. Will play with it.

I am really very happy that DragScript can be so useful, flexible and decisive. This was the very spirit with which it was born. Congratulations on the great insight and for sharing, I believe many will find your DragScript useful.

Thanks to you

PS please spread words about Voyager , this is really important for us !

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Does the serial port transmit work regardless of whether the equipment is connected in Voyager?

Hi, I don’t know for sure. Actually, in this case, the PPB is not connected to voyager. It’s an independent piece of hardware that I connect and control through this command (Serial Port Transmit). I think this is the reason that the command is inside the Operating system group of the DragScript editor.

You just have to try, I think.


I am trying this for the first time tonight but I got an error message “Error Serial TX => Access to the port ‘COM7’ is denied”. My script and PPB connections are as below. Is there anything else I need to do to make it work?


You cannot open a port already open. Only one program at time can open and use a COM port.
Try to use VIking instead to sharing with Voyager the Pocket Powerbox

All the best

Thanks Leonardo that’s it. I disconnect from PPB software and this works.

I’ll look into Viking.

This version of Viking manage the Pocket version

All the best