Allow to setup OnTheFly without connecting to devices?


My first time posting. I have been evaluating Voyager extensively and I find this to be a very promising automation software.

I like to plan to image many objects ahead of time just by using the laptop without needing to connect to astro devices (camera, mount, focuser, etc.). Voyager allows me to setup all devices without issues but when I want to setup sequences in OnTheFly window, all items are dimmed or disabled and I cannot setup the sequences without first connecting to devices.

Several people have suggested to setup devices as simulators and connect to simulators but either I don’t know what I am doing or I find it cumbersome and complicated to setup sequences using simulated devices and then transfer the sequences to another profile containing actual devices. I don’t know how to easily or quickly transfer sequences from simulated devices to “real” devices.

My request is to allow to setup everything in OnTheFly window WITHOUT requiring to connect to “real” devices. I hope this will not be complicated to do this. You may have to add error messages windows when trying to run sequences and not all devices may not be properly setup or connected by displaying a message saying something like “One or more devices are not yet set up or connected, please set up or connect devices before running sequence”.

I also have another request. In the Startup window, there are “CONNECT” and “DISCONNECT” buttons to connect/disconnect ALL devices at once and this is good (I like it). My request is to allow to connect/disconnect individual devices by placing a small “connect/disconnect” icon at the end of each line (or each device) of the Startup window so I can have more control of connecting/disconnecting one device at a time. This can be useful if I need to disconnect one device and then re-connect the same device while other devices are still connected.

I look forward to trying out this automation software soon.

Thank you,

You are welcome Peter. Thanks for dedicating your time to Voyager.
Like system integrator Voyager work differently from other automation software, In anycase your requests are correct for me and i added them to the to-do list.

Connection/disconnection for each elements is ok but i can allow only when no actions is running.
For sequence button enabled during actions i do it for the Custom Version of Voyager dedicated to Multi Telescope Array, i can migrate also to base version linking the sequence to the profile, i just need to save some camera data info in the profile to allow using it in disconnected mode.

Thanks for your analysis.

All the best

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