Autostart/restart dragscript on pc reboot

is there any way to auto start a specific dragscript after voyager app is started?

Context: I have scheduled maintenance time with computer reboot. After the reboot all the necessary apps are loaded automatically (PHD2, Voyager, Planetarium, etc…). I would like to load Voyager as last one and when done, start my RoboTarget Dragscript without having to connect with remote desktop and start it by hand.
My dragscript is placed in the quick actions in place 1 on the dragscript panel in Voyager.

Is this action somehow possible?

Thanks in advance

Hi, it certainly is possible. Mine are both configured to do it, particularly as I am using one with a friends sometimes temperamental camera at the moment. If a disconnect, power cycle and re connect does not revive it after an exposure error, the third iteration restarts the PC instead which resolves the issue, and Voyager is re-launched and the dragscript re-started automatically.

The thread below was about doing exactly this.

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