Beginners question: Slewing


I´m brand new to Voyager - installed the software today and wanted to use the clear sky for a test drive. I got my equipment to connect without problems.

However, I´m experiencing trouble with Goto: If I´m trying to slew to a targt, the mount moves a tiny bit or not at all.

I can start/stop tracking from Voyager and the current position is reported correctly from the mount, so I guess basic communications works fine.

Also the “Goto Alt/AZ” and “Goto Near Zenith” works fine.

The mount in question is a Vixen SXD2, connected via the ASCOM driver for the starbook ten. This setup works well with CdC, SGP pro etc…

I guess I´m overlooking something quite obvious, but I can´t find out. Any hints highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Matthias,

Welcome onboard !

Just echo what Leo mentioned : I was able to solve my goto “issue” by intalling the 6.5 SP1 version.

Good luck.