Blind Solve image not completing the exposure

I am having issues where I am starting my first blind solve for the night and it begins taking the exposure but never progresses beyond that point. It seems like the program isn’t responding beyond when I press for it to go. I use PlateSolve 2 for plate solving and All Sky Plate Solve for Blind. How do I fix this?

Dear Blake, we not offer support by forum:

Please refer to email dedicated to support in your copy of Voyager or in license or inside our website.

Voyager doesn’t do directly plate or blind solve … so you must refer to the producer of the system used.
Remember that before use an external system in Voyager this system must work correctly outside and alone.

Voyager cannot hang up for how is developed so please check if just is running long, solving can run also for 12 minutes in case of blind. ASPS need a precise setting in terms of focal lenght and pixel size to work.

If you think is a bug of Voyager , please report complete log files , image not solved and detailed explanation of your system and evironment during the operation. All using support mail.

All the best