Check Centering Every Frame

In Voyager, there is already the capability to recenter every x number of minutes. I already use that capability.

I happen to have a system where Platesolving is very rapid (TheSkyX with image link) and reliable. I would like the capability to actually check the centering after every image and do a recentering of the object if it is more than the specified distance already used for centering.

I know that this is probably a marginal request because many people simply don’t have plate solving that reliable or fast. But in my case it would only add a couple of seconds and I could then do away with the check every x number of minutes so I gain part of that time back.

I think this actually fits with Voyagers philosophy of spending a little more time on things to get the highest quality results.

Obviously, even if implemented, this capability should be optional since some (many) won’t want to deal with that overhead.

I’m fully prepared to accept this is a low priority request or a No. But I did want to float the idea.


I have a software program called ATrack (free) which can do this for you. I use it on my scope with a 0.57 arcsec/pixel plate scale and it can maintain the star within +/- 1 arcsec over 6 hours. AT can only be used with certain telescope mounts (e.g., Software Bisque and AstroPhysics) that provide commands for changing the tracking rate of both the DEC and RA motors. Which telescope mount are you using and I can check if it will work with your mount. NOTE: AT works by plate solving science frames and runs parallel to your existing image acquisition and control software so you don’t have to change anything. I run mine with the Astrophysics mount driver, SkyX, MaximDL and Voyager. I can send you a User Guide that explains how AT works if you are interested.


I made a quick look for ATrack but did not find it. If you have a link to the manual, I would be interested.

That said, I don’t think this will do what I want. I want to allow deviations from the correct position but only to a certain point. Once that point is exceeded, then I want it to get the mount back in the proper position before taking my next image.

I have a Paramount MyT with TheSkyX so I do have what it would take to run it.

I am interested in what this does, even if it is not the solution for this. It might still be very useful for other purposes.

Here is the User Guide for ATrack.ATrack.pdf (794.8 KB)