Controlling Linear Actuators

Hi Everyone,

I am currently in the planning phase of a mini remote-observatory (see below), as my city-night skies, are light, as well as “balcony”-limited.

I stumbled upon the design of Saint Mary’s University’s “Mini-Robotic Observatory”. (https://observatory…tic-observatory).

While there are still many difficulties to overcome, one specific topic has kept me awake at night:

I plan on opening the observatories enclosure by four linear actuators, which should optimally be controlled by the Starkeeper Voyager software.
I now wonder, whether this functionality would already be native to Viking or whether an ASCOM-Arduino-dome driver would be needed.
In it’s simplest form, I would just need an “Open” and “Close” command.

Ty in advance
(also) Leo

I think Viking is the solution, you can manage a bunch of relays I/O cards an more included analogic and digital output/input

You will found more info about and list of I/O card supported here (some of those I/O card just cost 20/30€)

From the link I read about the Pegasus Astro Pocket PowerBox … this is supported by Viking.

With Arduino look here (Filippo is passed away … just a big heart pain for me to reload the thread… it was a friend):

All the best
Leonardo Orazi

My condolences, I am so sorry to hear that!

I appreciate your quick answer and look into all of your suggestions. Ty!

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