[Daily Build] Voyager 2.2.4n version ready and ... Merry Christmas to all!

Ready to download the daily build 2.2.4n of Voyager:

A video about the new RoboClip (sorry for english):


NEW => Added RemoteGetCCDSizeInfoEx command to the Application Server for retriving of CCD resolution data
NEW => Added parameter in the setup camera to indicate the Position Angle of the CCD if fixed
NEW => Added new database management system called RoboClip (addition, modification, deletion, external import) for quick configuration of Voyager target coords and massive import
NEW => Added RoboClip as a target selection method for pointing
NEW => Added RoboClip as a Target selection method in the Sequence editor
NEW => Added RoboClip as a Target selection method in the Research and Survey Sequence editor for each Survey target row
NEW => Added RoboClip as a Target selection method in the DragScript editor
NEW => Added RoboClip as Target selection method in the Custom Sequence editor
NEW => In every configuration of the DragScript blocks that uses RA / DEC coordinates, the possibility of managing the RoboClip has been added
NEW => Target import into RoboClip from CSV file in Voyager Research & Survey format
NEW => Target import into RoboClip from CSV file in Telescopius Observations / Search List format
NEW => Target import in RoboClip from Cipboard in Panels format (Target and Mosaics) of Telescopius
NEW => Target import into RoboClip from Cipboard in TheSkyx Mosaic Grid format
NEW => Target import in RoboClip from CDCC files in the Du Ciel Mosaic format
NEW => Added RoboClip management commands to the Application Server
NEW => Through RoboClip it is now possible to search the Planetarium connected to Voyager and SESAME online in every single block of DragScript (where provided)
NEW => Added copy and paste commands of the coordinates of goto and plate solving from FIT, the commands also allow the transfer of information in RoboClip
MOD => Increased the number of digital inputs that can be managed for I / O Cards from 8 to 16 via Viking
MOD => For the Arduino Flat Device the timeout for switching the lights on and off has been increased from 3s to 20s for devices with a high number of LED lights
MOD => Modified Application Server ControlData Event to have RA and DEC mount data also in J2000 format
MOD => Simbad has recently deactivated SQL search, Voyager has switched to online search on SESAME which uses even more contemporary research sources
BUG => Removed bug introduced in the Custom version of Voyager in the Remote Shooting Action following changes to the Application Server architecture. Remote shooting was aborted
BUG => Removed target search bug for Cartes Du Ciel Planetarium if connected as the only control, the search gave generic error


NEW => Aggiunto Comando RemoteGetCCDSizeInfoEx all’Application Server per il recupero dei dati di risoluzione del CCD
NEW => Aggiunto parametro nel setup camera per indicare il Position Angle del CCD se fisso
NEW => Aggiunto nuovo sistema di gestione dei Target su Database denominato RoboClip (aggiunta, modifica, eliminazione, import da esterno) per la configurazione veloce delle riprese di Voyager e import massivo
NEW => Aggiunto RoboClip come metodo di selezione dei Target per i puntamenti
NEW => Aggiunto RoboClip come metodo di selezione dei Target nell’editor di Sequenze
NEW => Aggiunto RoboClip come metodo di selezione dei Target nell’editor di Sequenze del Research and Survey per ogni singolo rigo di Survey
NEW => Aggiunto RoboClip come metodo di selezione dei Target nell’editor del DragScript
NEW => Aggiunto RoboClip come metodo di selezione dei Target nell’editor della Sequenza Custom
NEW => In ogni configurazione dei blocchi del DragScript che utilizza coordinate RA/DEC è stata aggiunta la possibilità di gestire il RoboClip
NEW => Importazione Target in RoboClip da CSV file in formato Research & Survey di Voyager
NEW => Importazione Target in RoboClip da CSV file in formato Telescopius Observations/Search List
NEW => Importazione Target in RoboClip da Cipboard in formato Panels (Target e Mosaici) di Telescopius
NEW => Importazione Target in RoboClip da Cipboard in formato TheSkyx Mosaic Grid
NEW => Importazione Target in RoboClip da CDCC file in formato Carte Du Ciel Mosaic
NEW => Aggiunti comandi gestione RoboClip all’Application Server
NEW => Tramite RoboClip è ora possibile effettuare ricerche sul Planetario connesso a Voyager e su SESAME online in ogni singolo blocco di DragScript (ove previsto)
NEW => Aggiunti comandi di copy and paste delle coordinate di goto e di plate solving da FIT, i tasti permettono anche il trasferimento delle informazioni in RoboClip
MOD => Aumentato il numero di ingressi digitali gestibili per le I/O Card da 8 a 16 tramite Viking
MOD => Per l’Arduino Flat Device il timeout di accensione e spegnimento delle luci è stato portato da 3s a 20s per i dispositivi con elevato numero di luci led
MOD => Modificato Evento ControlData dell’Application Server per avere i dati relativi a RA e DEC montatura anche in formato J2000
MOD => Simbad ha ultimamente disattivato la ricerca SQL, Voyager è passato alla ricerca online su SESAME che sfrutta ancora più fonti di ricerca contemporanee
BUG => Rimosso bug introdotto nella versione Custom di Voyager nell’Azione di scatto remoto a seguito di cambi all’architettura dell’Application Server. Lo scatto remoto veniva abortito
BUG => Rimosso bug ricerca target per il Planetario Cartes Du Ciel se connesso come unico controllo, la ricerca dava errore generico

Daily Build is declared potentially unstable … download the last official release version to come back.


Wow, that’s a big update! Thank you and merry Christmas!



Incredible work Leo! Having a unified database for targets is really going to open up a lot of possibilities, and I loved seeing the sneak peak of Voyager Advanced.

Have a wonderful Christmas!




A nice xmas to everyone :v:


What an amazing release, Leo. I am so excited about RoboClip and am already considering the possibilities. I have wanted to have a library of targets that I can image with my long focal length, medium-field, and wide-field telescopes, and now I can easily create one (in logical groups) for easy access when imaging.

RoboTarget looks like an exceptional piece of engineering, too. I give you a lot of credit for not just slapping a quick feature onto Voyager, but instead thinking very carefully about the function the feature must serve and reimagining it to have the best implementation possible. You did this with autofocus and the image viewer, and you are doing it again with RoboClip and the upcoming Voyager Advanced.

I’m looking forward to trying this stuff out!

Kind regards,



Wow! Just getting my head round to all these new features! Amazing (hard) work :muscle: Well done team Voyager!


This is exactly the phylosophy of Voyager … trying to get things better for our passion , in a professional and relaiable way.

Really thanks for you words and support, its not easy to “keep alive” in this smart and fast era !

All the best
Leonardo Orazi



Would it be possible to import data from an existing Sequence (or set of Sequences) into RoboClip? I have set up quite a few over the last few months and it would be good if that could be done. Maybe this can be done already but I have not figured it out yet…



Sorry Roberto, i will add a copy button from sequence.

All the best

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Wow this is a fantastic update.

I am hoping that you may include a function to update RADEC before an image for asteroids or moving objects.

Amazing work. Thank you.



I finally watched the video and saw the little sneak peak of the Advanced version’s RoboTarget… I can’t wait!

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How to do this Russ ?

Many thanks

If the position Ra Dec would be updated (in my case from The Sky) before each slew that would be sufficient. The planetarium software keeps track of the changing motion. If Voyager can request a new RADec before each slew then it should be all that is needed.

Perhaps use a checkbox for either moving objects or a button in the finder.



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Many thanks for the latest RoboClip feature in Voyager. This will greatly improve the programs functionality.

My potential astrophotography targets are usually selected from CCD Guide or CCD Navigator and imported into a unified database in AstroPlanner. I’ve managed to work out how to import from AstroPlanner into RoboClip using the Research Survey .csv format.

I would however find it extremely useful to be able to import other date about the object in question. For instance, I have set up data columns in AstroPlanner with imaging notes and field sizes etc. The RoboClip window already includes an editable Note section but not one that as far as I can see you can import too. Would it be possible at some stage to be able to import to this notes field when importing an object?

Many thanks


Hello Allan,

if astroplanner export a CSV with note i can add the import to the list but i need one example.
Also if you want i can add note field to the Research and Survey CSV.
Also if Astroplanner export XML if you tell me about schema i can import.

Many thanks to you.

Let me know

Hi Leo,
Thanks for your swift response.
Please find attached a short simple .csv file of the type that I can generate from AstroPlanner. In total AstroPlanner can export about 35 fields but the ones for Notes and perhaps Constellation are the most use to me so they are the only additional fields I’ve exported. I looked through my database and the longest Notes entry was 319 characters.
AstroPlanner can also export XML but I haven’t looked at this yet.Example of csv file that works with Astroplanner data and Voyager 2.csv (158 Bytes)
Many Thanks

No problem for note field lenght … i will add this to RoboClip.
Please May you have some time to share paper or write some note on how to extract data to csv from Astroplanner ? … i dont have it.

All the best

Hi Leo,
A quick note on export to csv from Astroplanner.

If you don’t want to export the whole planner first select the object rows you would like to export.

With reference to the screen shot.

Go to File – Export – Generic Text Excel XML or JSON

This will open an export window

Select the Fields you want to export in the Field Definitions section.

For Voyager make sure to change the RA and Dec Format from default to HH MM SS.S and DD MM SS.

In Text Format use the Separator ;

Check the Tickbox Header Line

Check the Tickbox Use localised formatting

Click export and save as a .csv

This will give you a file that has to be modified slightly to be used in Voyager.

Open the file in Notepad or similar and edit the beginning of the first row to TARGET;RA;DEC;ORDER

So change ID to TARGET and add ORDER

For the rest of the rows just add a sequential number in the format ;1; after the Dec entry to satisfy the inclusion of the ORDER column. This will enable the file to be imported into Voyager RoboClip using the “[csv File] Voyager Research and Survey” option.

I’m sure Leo could change things so you don’t have to add the ORDER Column but for now this works fine if slightly fiddly.


Hello Allan,

thank you so much for instructions… my idea is to remove all manual operations at end.
May you send to me a exported file like is from Astroplanner ? I’ll add a new import without having to edit anything.

All the best