[Daily Build] Voyager 2.3.4j version ready

Minimum tools required are finished … so adding some features to the manager and we are ready for start campaign.


Great way to start 2022!

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Oh yes! Brilliant!

Can’t wait to start using this!

Hopefully ready come my imaging season (in a month or 2). Enjoying and blessed with a great rainy season here in South Africa currently.

Thanks Leo for evolving Voyager further to the most stable, reliable and now intelligent imaging software in the galaxy!

Here’s to a great 2022! :pray:

This looks brilliant, Leo!

During the tests we found an excellent increase in data quality and productivity with the use of the scheduler. This is a Rosette Nebula made in the last 3 days in complete autonomy, HA filter 40sub of 600s QHY294MM


Very nice Leo! This is an exciting move forward for Voyager :slight_smile: !


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Awesome news. Cant wait to try it.


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This is really great!! As always Leonardo is delivering. Voyager has been the only part of my imaging system that has never given me any problem…and now it just got better!!


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RoboTarget Manager now work in remote with a VPN or public IP address, with username/password and secret shared RoboTarget key configurable under dynamic encryption:

Really fun the teamiviewer VPN. We are at last adjustments on tools.


It just keeps getting better!

Leo, to be clear that means that Robo target is running your home PC controlling the remote observatory. Cool!!.

Tip: also interesting is to look in zerotier to access the remote observatory. I Love that one. I have it even on my Synology. So with drive mapping on my remote PC, I sync directly ‘after capturing’ the picture to my home nas.

Hi Chris,

really interesting the zerotier … if you have time please produce a PDF with instruction on how to implement for reaching Voyager running in observatory from home. Will be a gift for you. PM me if you need.

All the best

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HA of M101 under the full moon … we have a lot of fun during the various tests.


Being able to use the RoboTarget Manager remotely will be super useful!

I use ZeroTier as well - works really well. Additionally you can also run zeronsd on your telescope/observatory computer along with the ZeroTier client and it’ll become accessible via a (fake) domain name, e.g. “my . telescope . com”, within the zerotier network, so you don’t even need to remember an IP address :slight_smile:


Hi Samuel,

i forward to you what I wrote to Chris

All the best

Leo, I write something on paper, I send it to you first for review :wink:


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Interesting you want for Ha on a galaxy in context of full moon. Currently over Spain, clear skies and very good seeing so as you would expect FULL MOON ! In my experience in dark skies, it is a waste of time to image with moon illumination over 80/85% if your angular distance to the moon is more than 60 degrees, even if you use as I do 3nm narrowband filters. Yes, you will get frames but the detail is much poorer vs frames taken with less moon illumination.
In fact my general formula is :

  • narrowband. Stop at 80%. Image at angular distance at least X1 moon illumination.
  • broadband. Stop at 70%. Image at angular distance at least X2 moon illumination.
    The exception to that is probably Ha where the detail matters less as when you are capturing Ha for a galaxy which takes us back to M101…
    It will be interesting to see how RobotTarget Manager works. I plan to be a big user having captured 700 hours in the last 7 months.

Hi Frederic,

Wowww… I hope with Voyager :slight_smile:

Are just software and logical tests …so full moon or not I must use the clear night sky as is.
You can take in account a lot of things on Moon with RoboTarget and more to come during Beta, I dont want to talk about here but images pubblished here can help you to see the evidence of it.

About HA and galaxies … for my experience in the darkest of dark or with the Moon no real details can be achivied in HA about galaxy with istruments I’ve used … but this is a personal idea, nothing to do with Advanced.

All the best

Yes, all with Voyager and viking. In fact, 700 hours is the usable amount, capture is 10/15% higher (seeing, etc…).

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Access to the Beta campaign is now closed. Thanks to those who gave the availability. The start is foreseen for this we, you will receive indications by email.

All the best