Emergency Resume in Dragscript

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Sometimes our roof closes due to intermediate weather. I’d like to park the mount and close the cover if roof closes, and resume/continue once the roof opens again. I suppose I should be using “Emergency” logic, but I am not clear about “Emergency Resume”.

Right now I have an Emergency Suspend block where I park and close cover if Safety Monitor sees UNSAFE, and it works fine. I just created an “Emergency Resume” block and I want to jump back to the beginning of the Dragscript, but it says I cannot jump outside the Emergency Resume block. How do I have it loop back to my main DragScript? Or does it natually continue/resume from where it suspends? in that case do I need to put anything in the Emergency Resume block?


Emergency Resume should have the dragscript pick up where it left off when the suspend occurred (there’s a little hourglass icon in your dragscript where the suspend occurred). I believe that the Emergency Resume block has to have something in it or it will throw an error. I have unpark mount and start tracking in mine and it works fine.

hi, I use the same logic, there is the function restart script. at the beginning of the script I inserted a wait for atronomic night, in this way photos will be taken only at night and whenever it is clear

Thank you. So say if the Emergency Suspend occured during in the line of a sequence in my DragScript; After Emergency Resume it goes back to the same line, restarting that sequence, such as centering & initial auto-focusing? If I don’t have the “unpark mount” in my “Emergency Resume” block, it won’t centering?

Thank you Andrea! Where is the “restart script” function? I think that’s what I need… Can’t find it…

Flow, restart drag script

I think when the resume starts, it starts the sequence from the beginning as long as it still meets any time or altitude constraints you may have for the sequence. So, if you have center target and focus at start active, it will perform those then start with the first line in your sequence irregardless of how far along it was when the suspend occurred. If it’s past the time or altitude, it’ll jump to the next part of your dragscript. As far as the unpark mount command, it depends whether you park your mount during a suspend. My point was that your resume block needs something in it, it can’t be blank or it will throw an error. Hope this helps you a little.

Correct, a resume from a suspend restart the block suspended (icon is a little hourglass) from the begin like if will be the first time.

There is also a “Resume from a block” block if you want to resume from a custom block (for some custom actions).

Have a look this for a perpetual script:

Attached my personal dragscript used in Voyager robotic official observatory 24/24 7/7 running ineriths by the previous mentioned script:
DefaultNightScript.chg.vos (254.7 KB)

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