First Light Wizard and Backlash Compensation?

Quick question:

Does Voyager’s First Light Wizard automagically calculate backlash compensation? I’ve struggled with finding a good setting for this in the past and usually put a value in that’s well over what I think is the right one.

You’ll never found this kind of “tools” in Voyager. Sorry

No worries!

Anyone got any good tips for how to figure out the best backlash settings? IN vs OUT and how much to set?

Try to translate this:

Generally backlash is for compensate mechanical movements due to the against gravity travel. So normally OUT direction is focuser extraction (and focus direction used by default in Voyager) and backlash is in IN. You can measure it translate the thead above but again … Backlash is not a unique value, is an inferior limit , you can choose all the value over this limit and work fine.

Voyager have an internal AI for focus and can manage some adjustment on your system during autofocus. Backlash also change depending on position of the sky, AI can manage this.

For value you can start using the number of steps that change HFD of a star by 1 point.

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Sounds like my strategy of picking a number that I’m certain is above my backlash works…and go with IN for the option. I’ll give a whirl next cloudless night.

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Great , happy you solve.
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