Framing & Mosaic Maker Manager

Framing & Mosaic Maker Manager is on going to be released …

Thanks to an agreement with Jeff from Voyager will be able to provide an internal manager for the management of framing and the creation of mosaics. The new tools will be integrated into Voyager and will being imported and adapted in the project.

Check out Jeff’s page with all his interesting projects and beautiful images.

More info about features in the next weeks.


That will be a great addition! Looking forward to it. Thank you Jeff!

I noticed that you have the ability to load an image to use for registering the Mosaic. It would be great to also have the ability to download the DSS image corresponding to the coordinates specified, in case people don’t already have an image handy. But in any event, this will be a very nice new feature.


I’m working on this.

All the best

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Love this great addition, thank you Leo!

I should have known :wink: !


I found a limitation on arcmin size for download from DSS is 120 … i searching in the wrong database ?

Ok i found the way … thanks


And me here drowning in the fog :rofl:

This will be a very useful feature, Leo. Thank you!

Fantastic stuff Leo!!!

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Wow this is great !



Awesome Leo! This would be an incredible addition to Voyager. SGP has had something like this for a while, and this has been the one thing that’s given me a bit of hesitation to jump to Voyager. I did make the jump despite Voyager not having it (too bad the weather here has not cooperated since I made the jump). I was planning to do a dual SGP-Voyager session, where I’d copy-paste the coordinates after framing in SGP to Voyager. This certainly would make things so much easier, and is even more attractive to new astro-imagers looking for framing since they don’t have to deal with a third party framing application.

I’ll certainly look forward to it coming out!


Hello Gabe,

SGP is the best … Voyager can’t compete with it.
Also NINA is a great project !
ACP,Prism,APT, CCDPilot and CCDCommander … this is the top.

I feel so lucky that someone like Voyager and use it.
Look at this blog articles from Rowland, i’m sure that someone can find a better way to do AP:


My “Imaging Software Survey” post isn’t finished, and I’m not even sure if it will be useful when it is… but since Leo has linked to it, here’s what I’m trying to do with it.

I have evaluated a lot of imaging software. I bought a lot of imaging software. I have used it all and for my purposes, Voyager is the best match for my needs. It’s the most reliable software I’ve used - I’m getting data all night when I run it. Everything else I tried worked some nights, but too many nights there were problems with guiding, meridian flip, focus, etc. and I would only get data from a couple of hours instead of all night.

One of the time consuming parts of evaluating software is understanding what it can and can’t do. I had a list of “must-have” features. People have different lists - someone wants to use PHD2 for guiding as a Must-have. Someone else wants to use Maxim DL. Another person doesn’t want to buy Maxim. Etc. etc.

With this “Imaging Software Survey,” my initial goal was to make it easier to determine what other software and hardware was supported or required by each package, so people could narrow down their choices.

I had another goal - to get Voyager more into the evaluation process. I am amazed at two things with Voyager - how well it works, and how little it is known in the English speaking astro photography world. It deserves to be considered many more times than it is currently. I can’t force it on people - and of course I don’t want to - but I do think if people see what it can do, more people will try it. And if they try it, they will keep using it. I have no financial interest in Voyager - just an interest in helping people find such a good package.

So far my thoughts are to not make subjective comments about the imaging software packages, but to just list objective facts about them so people can choose what to investigate further. I don’t know if that will be useful or not. People like opinions and even controversy. But as I said, this is still a project in flight, and I don’t even know if I will finish or publicize it.

But that’s what it’s about :slight_smile:


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I get the feeling Leo doesn’t like to see the word “SGP” mentioned in his forum. :wink:

Voyager is extremely capable and is quickly becoming my favorite image capture program. Nevertheless, the framing and mosaic manager will be a very welcome addition. Like Gabe suggested, I have been using the framing and mosaic wizard in SGP to frame my images and manually transferring the coordinates to Voyager.

I really think that all the others astrophotography automation programs is better than Voyager.
Anyway i have a different idea of automation and i wrote Voyager. Thats All !

Ciao Leo,
do you have a timeframe by when the Skycrumbles mosaic integration App will be implamented into Voyager?

Many thanks as always. I think Mosaic capability is the only piece missing in this fabulous program.

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Welcome Sebastro

there are a lot of tools also online for this… this tools is not a prirority for development in this moment.
But we have and will be included … you can also use if you want externally.

All the best

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Hi SebaAstro,

While I am waiting for this addition to Voyager, I have been using Telescopius, which has a very good framing and mosaic tool.

Kind regards,


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Thank you Glenn. I know (and I use) Telescopius but how do you use it for mosaic? I cannot find that tool.