GNS integration

I am evaluating Voyager and love everything in this SW. It’s definitely crafted with Love. I am SW engineer by myself and I appreciate the level of fault tolerance, modularity, extensibility and automation it provides.

I have 2 quick questions regarding integration with GNS. I am imaging from the desert where there is no cellular coverage, so sending emails or SMS is not an option. I am considering integrating with GNS so it wakes me up if something bad happens.

Is there any alternative to GNS (free or commercial)? I am just evaluating options.

Can someone please share a DragScript example of integration with GNS or its alternative?

Thank you!

Welcome Michael,

thank for evaluate Voyager and thanks for the nice words about.
GNS is supported at external script level, you can use in DragScript the External script block and write read parameters and stdout to interact with the GNS original external script or with your script.
Example of external script with interaction

Deep inclusion in Voyager of GNS is something that will be done.

All the best


Thanks a lot Leonardo! I will take a look and learn more about DragScript and the example you shared.

Sorry for the short answer but my timing is Rome … so tomorrow morning I will post here some real example to download

All the best

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Thanks Leonardo! That would be very helpful.
BTW, maybe it might be useful to make one of the signal channels as MQTT and then bind tools like mosquito & openHub or others and implement more automation IoT workflows. Just an idea for the product.

This is a simple external script to send message to GNS client with timeout of 300. Argument 0 is the text, Argument 1 is the timeout (save in a .vbs file)

Dim wD

set wD = CreateObject("GNS.OWL")
wD.NewMsg = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
wD.NewTimeout = WScript.Arguments.Item(1)

set wD = nothing

You can call from the onthefly External script to test :

This is the Dragscript example to call the script with the same parameters:

TestGNS.vos (5.6 KB)

How work GNS script and ActiveX is something you must read in the official documentation.
You can send where you want and modify script also send alarm with timeout = 0 for GNS or you can check the return of an DragScript action (for example IF ERROR) and send your custom message.

If you want to do more simple the thing just create more vbs external script with all you need and call directly from dragscript where you need without arguments (like I think all of us).

You have million of choice with Dragscript on how to make you signal way, just use what platform you like or know.

All the best


Thank you very much Leonardo! I’ve got the idea :grinning:

hello @mkalika

I don’t even know GNS and what it is.
But on my side, i’ve a simple external code that make SIP call from command line using baresip under the hood (same logic). This work like a charm and wake me if a catastrophic thing must be handled by a human. (But you must have a sip account for that)



I know this is an old topic, but is GNS something that can be easily used in Voyager?

You can also use telegram or a Voyager Bot written for Voyager in GitHub