How to monitor hardware status

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Voyager is extremely stable and reliable and I have been increasing my imaging time with it significantly when the weather cooperates. I am missing a way to monitor it continuously without having to be awake through the night. Good Night Sleep from Lunatico helped me do this with other software and I have implemented a couple of scripts to trigger GNS to get started and issue an alarm and inserted these into DragScripts. It works well and lets me sleep whilst everything is working well and triggers an alarm when Voyager goes into temporary suspension or if a termination event occurs.
I don’t have a way to monitor specific hardware issues though; only when these cascade into a termination do I get to notice them through GNS. I am talking particularly about a driver disconnection for example. This is something Voyager notices after a certain timeout and I would like to be able to monitor the Voyager log with GNS so that an alarm is triggered in that case also from DragScript. Is that possible?
A specific example: My mount is connected to a USB hub. The USB hub or the mount have a malfunction. The mount is parked and Voyager notices it cannot move it because the connection has been lost. I would like to be able to monitor this and issue an alarm.


Hello Roberto,

Voyager manage signal : mail , sms , voice call, skype. Usually that enough to manage all. Problem with mount or driver or sequence can be trasmitted if you managed the action result.

GNS must be inserted into Voyager … i talked with Lunatico and they send to me a App coupon. But i’m stopped to do because some user can find this difficult to setup. Another Voyager user ask for another remote service message push that i found great.

I want to implement the Signal service for GNS and PushOver :slight_smile: Notification endpoints

I’ll do it …

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If you want punctual hardware check i need a list for the PushSystem to implement, this help me to fastening the implementation.

Because if the mount driver crash all the action that use mount , just question of time, will be aborted for error. If you manage error you can send signal.

Yes, I agree. The error from the driver/hardware will eventually generate a termination (and an alert). I just wanted to get GNS to notify me as soon as it happened in case I could address it before triggering an end to the session.

On you previous email, I don’t know PushOver. I don’t mind the notification system but I like a lot the continuous monitoring of GNS. It is not difficult to set up (for the user) but it may be difficult to embed in Voyager and I don’t want to create more work for you if you are already working on a similar solution. I can definitely wait for whatever you are developing!

Thank you Leo


Are you sure … router policy add, nat , ddns ! Is not for all … to add in Voyager is simple :slight_smile:

Ok - I admit some people may struggle (the instructions from Lunatico are really good though) but it once setup it works really well as a monitoring agent.
I’m glad, on the other hand, that you see it as a simple exercise for the developer! :muscle:

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