Idle time when not finding target

Hi Leo, all,

I noticed that the idle time (by default 60s) is counted from the start of previous searching, not from the end of previous searching, which posts some issues for me to abort.

I have a fairly long list of 42 targets in the RoboTarget. I noticed that in the beginning RoboTarget goes through the target list fairly quick and enter idling fine; after a few searching, the RoboTarget goes through the target list fairly slow, and takes over 60s to go through the entire list. When not finding any suitable target, it immediately starts a next searching. I wanted to abort, but the abort buttom is not working, and I assume it’s because the RoboTarget is busy all the time…

I am pretty sure it’s not because of my PC. My PC is quite capable and way undertasked to run my astronomical software. I’d suggest to change the logic, so the idle time would be 60s after the previous searching, so that it doesn’t go into a loop and stuck… I know it eventually will stop searching (either found a suitable target or dawn arrives), but I don’t want it to freeze in the night.


I have noticed the same issue. Could this be a memory leak issue? PC becomes so busy it starts cutting data feed from ASCOM Observing Conditions and my mount which is ran through LAN. PC has enough specs with 32GB RAM and has never struggled with any processing in PixInsight for example.
Will check processor and RAM use next time I’m able to and will report back.


Forgot to say I have some 100 targets stored (quite a few mosaics) if this has any bearing on it.

Send me your database Roberto, I will check
Memory leak I dont think but create ephemeris for 100 target is a long task

I will check this, also to you please send to me the database

Database is located in documents\voyager\data name is VoyRT

The idle time reset progress was solved in some versions ago.
Which version of Voyager are you using exactly ? I tested with the Yizhou database but I dont find any memory leak, so its really important you send all the log about.

Thank you

I am on 2.3.5k. Yeah I included all logs now. Thanks.

I’m away on holiday returning tomorrow. Will do so as soon as I get back.
Thanks Leonardo.

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OK, I found in the log … confirm what you have reported … Now I will try to reproduce the issue to understand where to fix.
Thank you. Anyway is not the ephemeris and reasonable not the number of targets.

I will let you informed


So, good news. Issue reproduced and source found … Tomorrow a new daily build about.

All the best


You are the man Leo :+1:

Hi Roberto, I can confirm isn’t a problem with high number of target, 100 target in a medium PC need 4 seconds from load to all the checks

All the best

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