Manual Rotator? Framing and Mosaic wizard?

Will Voyager tell me how much to rotate my camera if I don’t have a rotator? Say I’m basing my sequence off an existing fit file, for example. How will I match the camera position to the image?
The other killer feature from SGP is the Framing & Mosaic wizard. Is there an equivalent feature in Voyager? Thanks!


Voyager doesn’t manage manual rotator. Was born to manage unattended imaging.
Some users asked this, we put in the todo-list. For now if you need you can use ONTHEFLY section. Solve the start image and retrieve PA with one of the buttons “Plate/Blind/ solving FIT File”. After you can use “Plate solving actual coord” action button and check the PA when you rotating the camera.

Please take care that some instruments if you rotating camera lost collimation or introduce a big tilting. My experience say to dont do this if its possible.

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Frame and Mosaic wizard is not managed now but you have 5 planetarium you can connect to Voyager to do this functions.

A proprietary Mosaic Maker useful also for a single frame wizard was purchased from Voyager and are in the way of be released, you found more info here:

Please remember that Voyager use a different paradigm than SGP and other automation app, Voyager doesn’t is a clone of it and doesn’t want to compete with it.

Thanks for you interest in Voyager.

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Thanks for your reply. I use a Hyperstar much of the time, and therefore I have to manually change filters–it’s a bit of a pain in the neck, but imaging at F/2 is really nice! If I have to image on different nights, it’s nice to have a way to get back to the right position.

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