Newb Needs Scripting/Logic help

I’m coming from a long ACP background and trying to wrap my head around the differences in the logic and scripting between the two. Ive been swimming around in voyager for a few days and getting it set up with my observatory. Ive got all the equipment connected and talking ok, ran a bunch of stuff using the simulators and have a good Idea of how things run… Then I jumped into “dragscript”… I hit a wall, then kind of figured out how it works, made and ran a few dragscripts, cool stuff!! Now not sure when is the best time to use it!
Here is what I’m trying to do.
When I was running ACP, when planing the sequence I could check a box that would Shut down the observatory at the end of the script. It would call the Shutdown script (witch you can modify to your needs) and it would park the scope, close the roof turn off the cooler and disconnect the camera and mount, run a script (to run an .exe ) to turn of the power and kill a few running programs.
Im stuck bringing this logic to voyager.
The Good Night seems kind of limited, I see it will turn off the cooler and park the scope, then I have an option to run a program/script after. (no option to close the roof!)
I can select my Power off exe program to run, and it does. I can select my “kill programs” .bat and it also runs fine. But can’t do both here. I tried writing a vbs script the would do both without success. (copied the vbs that I ran in ACP to do this, but does nothing when I run it in voyager)
Off I went to “dragscript”…
I created a “shutdown” script that closed the roof then ran a .bat that both ran the power off exe and killed the programs that I wanted closed. Ran great and did what I wanted it to do.
I tried to run the shuutdown.vos in Goood Night Run after and voyager didn’t like it at all…
What is the best way to do this… I think I can create a dragscript that will bring the sequence in along with the shutdown script, but that seems like the long way around. Every time I would create a sequence, I would have to create a dragscript to run it with the shutdown.vos to close things up at the end of the night.
This is where my logic disconnect comes…
I would like to do all this in Good Night, or is there a better way to shutdown the observatory at the end of a sequence??
Thanks, Paul


You should look at the dragscript function that is separated from the sequences.
This is Leo his example which I check building my dragscript

I have only one dragscript which manage the whole obs.

so the only thing that I change in this dragscript is the sequence over time, no need to create different dragscripts. I think its very simple and strong concept of voyager

Hoop this helps.


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Thanks for the explanation, that’s exactly what I needed to get my head wrapped around the logic. I now have a better understanding of how things get done, and that answers a ton of other questions I had. The biggest one was how the Emergency Exit is going to protect my gear. I finally understand what all the rave is about using “dragscript”
Thanks Again,