Question about guide star loss and positioning

Question: when a guide star is lost, does Voyager attempt to verify it’s position with a plate solve prior to reacquiring a guide star? There was a poster on CN recently who was mystified as to why an image of an object turned into a mosaic across a swath of the sky … turned out that there was a series of clouds that interrupted the guiding and by the time the program had reacquired a guidestar the object had moved out of the frame. The program happily tracked/ lost guide star/ lost position/ found guidestar /tracked/ lost guidestar all night long …

Properly the program should attempt to verify it’s position with a platesolve upon starting or resuming guiding … is this the case? Thx!

Voyager have an AI automa called RoboGuide. When a guide star is lost, RoboGuide plate solving position and retry (the guide star position is checked if you use RoboGuide for Acquiring it). Retry will be done for 3 times.If guide star will be reaquired ok else a new calibration will be done (try number is 11 ).In case of new calibration a final plate solving will be done and sequence continue else Sequence failed and you can manage the fail with DragScript conditional events. I hope to answered to your question.

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