Forcing plate solve after autofocus?


I’m currently running SGP but considering a move to Voyager.

One capability I would really value is to be able to have an automatic plate solve after every autofocus run. I’m using an Edge 14 at f/11 with OAG and a lodestar guider, on a Mesu 200 mount. A combination of the long focal length, mirror shift and sometimes quite long autofocus runs, is that occasionally I either (1) lose the guide star or (2) there happens to be a different star in the guide star box which PHD2 assumes is the original one, and picks up guiding again.

A consequence of scenario (1) is that SGP goes into recovery which includes a plate solve, and that sometimes fixes the problem, though the recovery sequence takes quite a long time which means lost time on sky. (2) is worse, because I can end up with subs that have quite significant shifts in target position in the frame (long focal length…)

When I trigger a plate solve manually, I always get the original guide star placed firmly in the guide box, so there’s no practical reason why this shouldn’t work, if the software can be set to trigger it.

I searched this forum and found the following thread

but this only seems to address the lost-guide-star scenario.

Can Voyager help?



Dear NigeB i dont know SGP, sorry.

Voyager after finished star focus go back with a precise pointing to target everytime since i started to develop it. Its so normal operation that you dont find in help.

Also internally AI change the focus star if there is a problem automaticaly and so and so … we have tried to fit Voyager for advanced users.

All the best

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Hi Leonardo

Thank you for your quick reply. Excellent - that’s exactly the functionality I’ve been looking for, so it looks like a jump to Voyager is appropriate. (SGP is Sequence Generator Pro, which to be fair has been doing a good job for my purposes, but this is a major missing feature in my opinion and worth migrating to Voyager for).