Rows don’t stay collapsed on Ipad

The iPad interface is great, love it! One minor issue is if I collapse one of the interface rows, it won’t stay collapsed when I try to scroll the remaining open rows.

I think it could be a little problem with sizing refresh method.
Have you checked it both in landscape mode (orizontal) and protrait? Is it the same issue?
Thanks for your pointing, I will solve it as soon.
[edit] In the simulator it works, I need to try on a real iPad in the next few days to solve it.

Thanks! Looks like you added a vertical scroll bar? The scroll bar enables scrolling without affecting the collapsed rows in both landscape and portrait mode. However scrolling using 2 fingers on the page doesn’t respond. Maybe just my device.

I’ve found the problem, running a test on an iPad I see that scrolling it here the vertical size of windows change (both on Chrome and Safari) and it fire an event that reset the collapsed state of panels. I’ve just fix it and I’ll release as soon the 1.0.4 beta version.
The scrollbar is the browser’s default, and the scroll with single and double tap seems to work.
What browser do you use on your iPad? I ask to reproduce the same case.

Hello Wayne,
here the fixed version.

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Works great - thanks!


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