Screencast contribution (simulator and voyager) in french

I’m a newcomer to voyager ans start to love it :smiley:

In my discover process, i was able to take a complete sequence with an automated meridian flip with a simulator. The simulator manage:

  • focus with localfield,
  • camera acquisition,
  • plate solving,
  • and guiding.

Those 3 screencasts are in french but for those who are interested here are the links:

Sorry for the last link (meridian flip), as a new user, i can’t add more than 2 links in a message !


Dear Hugues,

what you have done is simple fantastic ! … like developer and also like astrophotographer i’m really impressed about your results on this screencasts.

Thank you so much …
Leonardo Orazi

Thank you for your support.

It’s not my job, it’s yours !!! :wink:
Your are doing amazing things for the astrophotography community.

I think that this simulator (the sky simulator) is helping a lot in the process to discover voyager.
It would be a great addition to your already well documented

Wow, great work, I’m glad to see many others Voyager lover’s and users from everywhere… We are becoming a little army… :+1:

Nice demonstration of the “Sky simulator for ASCOM” and some practice for my rudimentary French. I have created a new forum for it at which was missing where you could drop any feedback or problem with the simulator.


Thank you for passing by on the voyager channel, han !
I’ve subscribe to your forum for feedback.
See you there :wink:

Congrats Han … great addition !

After the implementtation of HNSKY planetarium and the ASCOM Sky simulator, we are now waiting for Han his excellent platesolver ASTAP to be implemented in Voyager.

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Noticed a admin rights problem between Voyager and “Sky simulator for ASCOM” or CDC. See


Not a problem … just leave Voyager start other things for you. Voyager run like administrator.

All the best