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Hello, Pixinsight released a new version of their batch processing tool for calibration. It has new features such as keywords to group calibration and master files together. For example, by using the $$GAIN$$ in voyager file naming, you can group automatically for calibration frames taking at same gains.
It would be very useful if you could add a name for CMOS/CCD temperature set (not measured but as set in your sequence as you don’t want to deal with -9.9c vs -10.1c in measured temp). In addition, for this to work, you need to remove the “-” in front of the temperature. So ideal would be an output with just Name (SETTEMP for example or TCAM) followed by the output in _XX format. Just 2 digits should work.

Yes Fredd, sure … I will add.
Thanks for report this and for request.

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The new keyword grouping feature of Pixinsight is great. Therefore, I would like to support Fredd’s proposal and add an extension:

A token similar to $$VOYDATEFOLDER08$$ that can also be used in file names and without the “-“s would be fine to match frames from the same imaging night. Maybe even more flexible would be something like $$YY08$$, $$MM08$$ and $$DD08$$ for year, month and day with the 00-08 logic to create individual session identifiers.

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Fredd I’m checking your request but $$SENSORTEMP$$ is exactly what you asked because is what asked in sequence like temperature set … so I will add a $$SETTEMP$$ for you without “-” and in integer format. I change the $$SENSORTEMP$$ description. If you refer in FilePattern Form test for the dot in temperature is just an example.


when reading the description of $$SENSORTEMP$$, it says cemera temperature. I wasn’t sure if it was the asked temp or measured temp. What is needed is the asked temp to ensure stability.


Is the asked … I changed description

Done, but not sure is clear to recognize like a single 2digit number without anything else

in the simulation temperature is for this new field -2.1234

Thanks. In practice, One will add in the name pattern something like CMOSTemp. Pixinsight works with keyword search so one just needs to add them in the sequence file pattern above. So practically you would add in the file pattern:
_GAIN _$$GAIN$$ (will show i.e. _GAIN_100)
and now _SETTEMP _$$SETTEMP$$ (will show i.e. _SETTEMP_10 (for -10C)
Was that your question ?

note : I had to add a space after _GAIN and _SETTEMP purely for display on the forum. For some reason, without the space, the _ was disappearing.

By the way, what is $$LABEL$$ vs $$SEQSLOTNUM$$
And finally, when you do a mosaic and have pane 1, 2 ,3 etc…is that recognised in the file naming ?

AH ok … not everyone use PixInsight so not everyone understand the request … me for first !

Is the suffix field in the slot in Sequence configuration

An example for my proposal about $$YY08$$, $$MM08$$ and $$DD08$$:

I would configure file names containing SESSION_$$YY08$$$$MM08$$$$DD08$$ to create SESSION_210324 for all images created from March 24th, 8:00 AM until March 25th 2021, 8:00 AM. The same logic “use yesterday date if FIT shot between 00-08 HH interval” as used in $$VOYDATEFOLDER08$$ should be applied. In PixInsight this could be used to group by SESSION all images taken in the same night, e.g. to assign flats of the same night.

The PixInsight grouping won’t work with “-“ between year, month and day. But the patterns is very flexible because it can also be used for other software or purpose to create filenames containing BLABLA-21-03-24, SES0324, NIGHT03-24-21, …

That makes a lot of sense (again for pix users). Thanks

Done, daily build will exit in 1 hour … thanks for explanation.

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Thanks, Leonardo!

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