TheSkyX + Dome Functions Not Working


I’m in my trial period and trying to get everything working. So far, the only piece that isn’t working fully is the dome. I have a dome using a MaxDome II interface controlled by TheSkyX. In Voyager I am using TheSkyX Dome Add On and it will track the telescope well. I can Open the the shutter. But I cannot perform the other commands: Close, Home, Park, Unpark.

I have tried using the Ascom driver but am still working on my geometry inputs. The Ascom driver allows all of the non-functioning commands. If someone could help me calculate the inputs I would appreciate it. I have an Explor-Dome with a radius of 48 inches. My Paramount Mx is centered in my dome (E/W & N/S) and is 18 inches below the center of the dome. My current telescope center point is 14 above the mount center point.

I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can proved. Thanks.

Hello, i’m sure someone of the user will help you. I will try to calculate for you a starting point for the geometry.

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I have an MX+ and a Pulsar dome. I gave up with the TSX Dome add on. I only use it for direct work e.g. T-Point model. You can see the issues I had here:

For Voyager I use the ASCOM driver direct. It works fine.

From your numbers it looks like:

Scope position +East -West: 0

Scope position +North -South: 0

Scope position +up – down: 457

Dome radius: 1219

GEM axis offset: 356

Hope that helps.



Scope position +up – down: -457


Thanks for pointing to your thread on the SB forum. I need to test things further. And sad that SB is unwilling to help. It’s as if they had an ownership of a competing automation program and didn’t want to help.

My dome calculations match yours. I was hoping I couldn’t perform basic math! Yesterday I tried letting Voyager control my dome with those inputs and the slit was not pointed correctly. My dome was 12 deg off. I need to see if I had some of the checkboxes checked and causing some conflict.



Is that a constant 12 degrees ? If so it may be a setting on your dome control system. For example my dome’s home position was initially set at 0 degrees. I changed that so that home (i.e. the same physcal position) is 5 degrees.

I was really disappointed at SB’s response, it was wrong on so many levels. The MX+ is a truely great piece of kit, but I would think twice before buying SB again.


My calcualtion match with your , the GEM axis offset can be to adjust because we talk about distance from center of RA axis to center of telescope. Also you can choose between vector algorithm or POTH like algorithm for calculation. POTH usually can get better result with standard dome.

You can apply an offset to the calculated value (Azimuth adjust +/-) but 12 degree seems too much.
Anyway take in consideration that default tollerance for repositioning the dome is 2 degree (Slave precision) so check your setting value.

All the best

Thanks for your help. I think I got it working but it is raining so I wasn’t able to do a full test.

I gave up on using TheSkyX’s Dome add on and instead using ASCOM and Voyager Robosync. I’m getting full readouts on the dome status and can use all of the dome commands. And it looks like it is moving the dome to the correct position. I can’t wait for the next clear night to give it a full test.


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When you say you are using ASCOM for dome control…do you mean the ASCOM Device Hub or something else??

You dont need the ASCOM device Hub (that have problem with OS permissions) !!
These functionality and more are included in Voyager RoboSync automata inside Voyager.

I select ASCOM Dome in the setup form. And then configure MaxDome.

I think the problem is with an incorrect input I made to ASCOM and has nothing to do with Voyager. I have tried using ASCOM as my dome controller in TSX and am having the same issues. I posted this to Maxdome’s forum.

“ I’m sure this is operator error and I have inputted something wrong. The radius of my dome is 48” and my pier is centered in the dome. The mount pivot point is 18” below the equator and the scope is 14” above the pivot point. In the attached example ASCOM computes the target azimuth at 102 deg while TheSkyX has 165.5 deg. Hopefully someone can spot my error. Thanks!“

I’m guessing the Maxdome figures are in inches as well and not mm?

Yes. MaxDome is in inches as well. Which has me baffled because I’m using the same #s in both TSX and ASCom. I’m not sure where I’m going astray.

I don’t bother with TSX at all for the dome. I select the ascom driver in voyager and let voyager control the dome.

I only use TSX when I am not using Voyager i.e to do a T-point model

I still have not solved my problem. I was troubleshooting today and noticed the following:

Voyager accurately calculated the dome AZ for 173 39 41.09 (note the monitor log at 13:45:30.003). However my slaved dome is pointing to AZ 224 57 31.55. I am currently using the ASCOM driver to connect to TSX Pro and my MaxDome II. In the dome setup I selected: Dome - Use Voyager RoboSync to Sync Telescope.

I seem to only have troubles on the east side of the pier. But I haven’t fully tested that.

Voyager calculates right AZ and RoboSync is a mature and robust system so I will check out of Voyager in who not rotate the dome at calculated position.

I suggest to go directly to maxdome with ASCOM or ask support to TSX support team.
If you want to check settings for what about Voyager you can refer to our support using the right channels:

Trey I’ve been away so didn’t see your recent post. I gave up using TSX to control the dome. I use the ASCOM driver with Robosync In Voyager. Having paid for the TSX dome add-on I can understand (and shared) your reluctance but I got so frustrated with lack of support from SB I switched to Robosync and haven’t had a single problem since.

Please confirm that you are selecting the following in the pic:

Yes. I am using those selections.

I have run ASCOM Pipe and have found that the dome is rotating to where it is being instructed to go. I re-examined my geometry and have added +6" North for my mount. My pier is centered in my dome but the mount axis is on the edge of the pier and not the center. I haven’t had a clear night to test. Or maybe I can take some time this weekend to test during daylight.

Thanks for your suggestions.

I’m a bit confused … those selections mean Voyager is controlling the dome but you say " I am currently using the ASCOM driver to connect to TSX Pro". Just checking… you are not connecting to tthe ASCOM driver in TSXPro as well as Voyager are you ?