Typo or error : DO IF SQM in Dragscript

in the DO IF SQM you then have two outcomes : if Actual Altitude Greater (or Lower). Why the reference to Altitude ? I I assume the reference is to SQM ?
I’m asking because I want to delay sequence start until SQM is above X and this seems a good way of doing that.
Thank you

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Same here, planning to have similar constraints. Following the discussion since it’s a valid point that you have raised Fredd.

SQM is not a reliable way to manage things because depends on so many things. But this is up to you.
About typo I will check.

Thank you

Is just a typo error … you can use without problem.
I wil fix

What is the concern with SQM? I’m not using it as a safety measure but as I’m in a dark site and try to optimise my imaging, usually, I start my dragscript with an offset to Nautical Night. In some cases, depending on camera cool down speed, I capture a few frames with SQM below 19. I only want to delay start until I reach that point for my first sequence.

Transparency can affect SQM and also the moon presence for example.
So its up to you define the right value.

All the best