Viking I/O cards

Hi Leo and everybody

Discovering Viking :grinning: looks really fantastic tool to control my Pegasus UPB!

A simple question: can we control more than one I/O Card?
For ex: my Pegasus and a Velleman Card?


Hello Eric,

Viking is able to work with more than one istance but you need one dedicated license for each instance.
Voyager need some adjustment to implement the second Viking client but its possible.

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Thanks a lot Leo
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Are there any Viking tutorials you can point me to? I bought a license, mainly to support your work, but I do have a Pegasus Astro Ultimate PowerBox v2 that I would like to experiment with.

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Hi Glenn,
There’s a Wiki section here:
And Leo did a video in Italian here:
It’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it (as usual, right? :slight_smile: )!
I’m planning to build a RoR observatory this year so will be getting my sleeves rolled up and using Viking as well.

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Thank you, Rowland.

I did read the wiki, of course, but I guess what I am asking for are some practical examples. I understand what the various tabs and fields represent, more or less, but I don’t really understand how to use Viking. I’d like to know what useful things I can make it do with my UPBv2 and what are some practical examples of how to incorporate it into my workflow.

Can anyone with some experience using Viking talk about how they use it and maybe give a few relevant specifics about how they set it up?




I use Viking to control a Lunático Dragonfly. I use it to control:

ROR Open
ROR Close
Main power On
Main power Off
Mount power On-off
Scope cooling fans On-off
Flat panel On-off
Output 8 not used at the moment

Viking works reliably and is easy to integrate into your observatory operating scripts.
I am using 7 out of 8 outputs at the moment. The only additional thing I could operate which would be useful is Snapcap telescope dust cover.


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Hi Glenn

I use Viking with a Pegasus UPB v1 in my Script (to power on/off my equipment
It controls power to my Image Camera ASI1600 (and guide camera also since it’s connected to the main Camera)
Power to my mount
Power to activate a flat field cover (I still have to put it mannualy on the scope, no snapcap yet!)
and also the anti-diew.

I plan to expand the use with a second Viking session to controll a Dragonfly for the remote observatory when build.


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Hello Glenn,

look at this:

Thanks for your support, i have to the PowerBox 2 … you can use like switch command in Viking managing the I/O and reading weather info. Yu can switch on/off power for various source and switch on/off the usb ports

All the best

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Thank you all for the helpful suggestions and explanations.