Voyager Daily Build 2.2.1a for TSX users [CHANGED to 2.2.1b]

Ty is installing it now. We should have a test done shortly.

So it now only dithers one time, but there is a strange behavior:

21:39:56 597 - Expose IC_1805_LIGHT_Lum_20s_BIN2_-25C_001_20191013_213956_509_PA343_W.FIT
21:40:16 556 - Download scheduled to start …
21:40:25 121 - Exposing 20 [s] ; Filter=Lum ; Type=LIGHT ; Binning=2 ; Speed Default ; ReadoutMode=Fast

Line one does not actually do anything with the camera. It sits there and waits, says something is downloading, then puts up the second exposing line, which actually does engage the shutter, and takes an image.

Ty is pulling the logs now to send over. Seems like we are almost there, in terms of the fix.

I get this:

22:32:47 907 - Start Dithering
22:32:49 011 - Dithering Started
22:33:49 278 - SubAction [Sequence - Start Dithering] Error : Dithering Action Settle Timeout ()
22:33:49 309 - Action Time [ATOMIC_GUIDE_DITHERING] => 1 [m] 1 [s]
22:33:49 338 - Action Time Mobile Mean [ATOMIC_GUIDE_DITHERING] => 0 [m] 10 [s]
22:33:49 392 - Timeout on Dithering Settle!!

What were you aggression settings set to in SkyX?

Can you send to me the log @Jose_Mtanous?
Low was changed and i dont found in what you report some message that must be there !

Have you used the 2.2.1b ?


I used TheSkyX to guide and dither last night using version 2.2.1b and it worked perfectly. No timeout errors or other problems at all. This is a massive plus for me as TheSky guides my Paramount better than I could ever get PHD2 to do plus the calibration is so quick I can now recalibrate before each target which I believe leads to better guiding. For my setup, I’m using a ASI1600MM-Pro running Voyager’s native driver and my guide camera is a ASI290 running the TheSkyX native driver at 2x2 bin. My aggression settings are at 5 and my min move is .32 arcsec. Thanks Leo for this fix!


Thank you so much for feedback.

All the best

Hi Leo, Ive sent you the log directly to your email inbox.



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Aggression is set to 2 on both axis.

Jose - that will cause the dither correction time to be significant in SkyX. I do not believe it has fast correction for dithers. You will need to increase dither timeout to compensate.

Hello José,

thanks for log.

Looking inside i see for small dithering amount all work with long time near timeout:

2019/10/13 21:58:40 782 - DEBUG     - [TheSkyXGuideClass            ] - [StartDithering                               ] - Guide ShutdDown in status [cdStateAutoGuide]

2019/10/13 21:58:40 785 - DEBUG     - [TheSkyXGuideClass            ] - [WaitStatus                                   ] - TSXC.State = cdStateNone

2019/10/13 21:58:40 845 - SUBTITLE  - [Sequence                     ] - [DITHERING_Code                               ] - Start Dithering

2019/10/13 21:58:40 845 - DEBUG     - [TheSkyXGuideClass            ] - [StartDithering                               ] - Guide Stopped .. Changing Native Star Position [x=190.023313670107,y=337.745990815255]

2019/10/13 21:58:40 865 - DEBUG     - [TheSkyXGuideClass            ] - [StartDithering                               ] - AutoGuide Starting with Native New Position [x=193.658315420151,y=336.446002244949]

2019/10/13 21:58:41 221 - DEBUG     - [TheSkyXGuideClass            ] - [StartDithering                               ] - AutoGuide Started in status [cdStateAutoGuide]

2019/10/13 21:58:41 270 - INFO      - [Sequence - Start Dithering   ] - [DITHERING_Code                               ] - Dithering Started

2019/10/13 21:59:32 597 - DEBUG     - [GudingSystem                 ] - [EnableAdvancedWDGuida                        ] - ENABLED Advanced Guiding WD

2019/10/13 21:59:32 597 - INFO      - [Sequence - Start Dithering   ] - [SETTLE_DONE_WAIT_Code                        ] - **Dithering Completed and Settled (dx=3.635;dy=-1.3)**

For other values you had a timeout, timeout is 60sec for error of 1 pixel. Or you enlarge time or bigger allowed error or increase the Aggression like Bill suggest.

Value of 5 must work like for Mark.
Thank you so much again.

All the best

OK, the only issue is that increasing aggressiveness will affect star shapes by introducing overcorrections. I am shutting 15 or 30 min subs with subarcsecond resolution.

So far I’ve found that the best combination for subarcsecond resolution is to guide every 10s with the aggression set to 2. Probably in this scenario is better to dither then re-acquire the star and resume guiding.

I will try some tunning of my guiding parameters to see if I can increase the aggression and guiding frequency without affecting tracking quality.



I can check if it’s possible to change aggressive in tsx from integration interface. In this case I can use high for dither and after go back to initial value


Script TheSkyX: ccdsoftCamera Class Reference

int ccdsoftCamera::AutoguiderAggressiveness readwrite

This property holds the autoguider aggressiveness.

10 = nominal aggressiveness, autoguiding corrections are made to their full amount; 5 = 50% where autoguiding corrections are made to half there amount. This method gives a means to deaden or amplify autoguiding corrections.

Ok i think i can do it … i will let you know about


As soon as you implement the change I will test it (assuming that the weather cooperates)



That is an awesome idea Leo!

Inside Voyager setting section, tab guiding, box TheSkyX Guiding Setting, flag Override aggressiveness …
Set flag if you want autochange and value of fast correction (from 1 to 20 according TheSkyX actual release).

Please let me know if this work for you.

All the best

Thanks! I will try it as soon as the weather allows me.



Did the dither override do the trick with your guiding issue?

Yes, it works like a charm.