wait:Dusk action let's discuss

I have found that the wait-for-Dusk action when executed after midnight (and still in astronomical dark), waits for the dusk of the following day and holds up any further dragscript execution. If the script happily hops over the wait-for-dusk action before midnight, why not do this after midnight if is still in astronomical darkness?

I would have expected the wait-for-dusk to be bypassed when in astronomical darkness.

What are your thoughts?

Its difficult to manage this kind of actions … this block porpouse its only to manage the flat, if you are after midnight you cannot do flat on the dusk without waiting for next followind day. My suggestione is to write the script to avoid passing again for this block
If you start the script in a good timing you use this action for flat at dusk. if after in the script you need to restart for some trouble with events choose a block after the flat parts. If you start manually you can always choose the block where to start.

Other solution is : i can add a flag on this block to do what you ask.
Anyway for waiting dark night there is the wait astronomical night block.

thanks for your thoughts
What is the significance of midnight for bypassing or not bypassing the wait action?

the day of dusk … this change the boolean result of check

the problem is that night spans two dates. I would have expected the logic to be based on whether night is over rather than a date changing

Could I also ask for action that start HA exposure after sun is (x)*degree below horizon. I did not find that kind of action enywhere.

Sorry Nicholas … like i said this block was born for better use the skyflat action.

Jukka, Astronomical night or dusk always use Sun altitude … also this block have an offset +/- configurable. Is not enough for you ?

All the best

Thanks Leo. I’ll work around this behaviour.
Just some background on what I’m trying to do. A few of us are trying to have one drag script that runs over a 24 hour time span to achieve an automated observatory that runs continuously. This drag script would run a dusk flat sequence, perform an imaging sequence and then a dawn flats sequence. There would be a reboot and reload at some point during daylight hours. When an error occurs, the dragscript needs to be restarted, and ideally the dragscript would find its way back to the same activity being performed according to blocks controlled by time actions.
We will look at using something like sunwait to determine where the sun is and jump over blocks that should be run.



I think you can solve just put a more than one wait time during daytime of 3/4 hour in a DO IF TIME condition