Weather / emergency events events and script


I am wondering if I have to set up a command on what to do if the weather turns bad in script or will Voyager use your initial settings?

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Hi Roger,

the events managent are empty, you must fill with your tasks related to your environment

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I see,


What about Robotarget? Does Robotarget use the settings I have entered in Voyager? Does Robotarget need script to work?

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Nothing change, also RoboTarget doesn’t know what you want to do for events.

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Sorry for the stupid questions here, but I see nothing called event management in Wiki.
How do I automate sequences in Robotarget? Do I need a script for Robotarget to work?


You need a script if you want to manage the events, if you are in front of the PC or looking at operation you can run sequence or RoboTarget from onthefly section or RoboTarget section

I suggest also to do a search in the forum:

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