Web Dashboard - Public Beta Release

Hi guys,
I’m very happy to annunce the release of the first public beta of the Web Dashboard.
It is the result of a hard work, by Leo and me, over the last few months.

This first release is to be intended as a “work in progress” beta that will grow in time with new functions and cabilities, as well with necessary fix.

The Web Dashbord is TOTALLY FREE for Voyager’s Regular License Owners.
Voyager’s minimum required version is 2.2.0.
If you own previous version please upgrade Voyager before use, because the older are not compatible with the new functionality implemented to make Web Dashboard works.
It is also necessary, in Voyager Settings, to flag the options “Activate it on Start” and “Allow Dashboard Service” (Voyager -> setup -> Voyager tab -> Application Server) like in this shapshot.

You can try the Web Dashboard, or find more information on it, here:
Web Dashboard info page

Enjoy it!


Hello, thanks for your great work!

Is there a way we can use the dashboard without being on internet?

EDIT: I just tried saving the website http://www.starkeeper.it/wdash/ to a local file and it seems to be working! Let me try a few more tests.

Hi Entilza,
the Dashboard is designed for works also off-line, in future it could be easy because we think to include an offline version in Voyager’s local installation, but in this moment we would prefer to keep it online only.
Anyway, saving it on your local folder should work flawlessly, this operation is not reccommend because it harms the integrity of the code, and is likeli to potentially endangers your setup.
I take this opportunity to remind all that copying or modifying even only parts of the code and files is not permitted.
Thanks for understanding.


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Web Dash Board works great.
I use two setups on my mount, how can I select a different profile?


Hi Nigelg,
I’m happy to hear that works great.
Now you can’t select a different profile from Dashboard, you can only connect and disconnect the profile, and need to go on main software interface to change it.
I take note for future implementation. Thanks for the tip


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Hi Francesco,

The web dashboard worked very well for me last night. I tried both from my iPhone (7 plus) and desktop web browser and both were fine. The iPhone disconnected periodically when I left the phone unused, I guess there is a timeout? The web browser connection stayed connected.

It was very nice to have the more detailed “current shot” countdown in seconds, that is quite handy. And the graphics for this - sequence and shot percent complete, are very nice.

Overall the look is super clean and professional - great job!

If it would help, I can keep track of things I felt I needed to go to remote desktop to do.


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Hi Rowland,
you are right, the connection uptime have an ‘heartbeat’, so if your device go to standby or sleep mode Voyager not receive the heartbeat and close the connection.
As you can see, at the reconnection, the dashboard resume all the info about the Voyager status, and in case of a running Sequence or Dragscript it shows the file name in the Connection Panel, without any action required by user. This is very important, because it prevents also the possibility to send further commands to Voyager before other action completed.
Sorry for large description, I know you are very expert, but I think this information may be useful for other users.
It would very helpful to know what you think might be necessary to complete it. So please share with us, here or by email (I think you have my private address).

Thanks for the compliments, also much appreciated.

Francesco, you have done a wonderful job and you really have the right temperament to add value to Voyager suite. Happy you joined the team … congrats for the result you achieved.

All the best

Thank you Leonardo,
I’m honoured to be a part of team.
I hope I have met expectations :slight_smile:


Hi Franceso,

Yes, it was easy to reconnect from my phone and resume monitoring. I noticed quite a few very nice things that you are doing to help keep us informed of progress. I’ll try to remember to keep notes when I feel compelled to use the remote desktop and let you know if it seems like something you might want to add to the web side.

Again, great work and a nice differentiator for Voyager!


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Thank you again for kind words.
I want to emphasize that this Dashboard would be only an empty box without the great work Leo have done on the “backend”.
Wait for your notes :wink:

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My Android phone does not connect. I have Norton Security on it perhaps it blocking but I don’t see a firewall settings.

Ipad losses connection just like the Phone. The dashboard does retain the IP so retyping adds some unwelcome labor. Also, the last image is lost. It would be great if we could address these issues

Otherwise it is a wonderful interface. I will continue to use it.


Hello Max,
I’m not sure I understand your problem exactly. The new coming version will retain the IP, saving the info direct on your local browser. When you close the window or refresh the page the dashboard, like all web Application, is reloaded, so you lose the data that you were looking at. A future version will retreive session data and update informations about last n shots in the “Image Stats” panel.
No other user report connection lost or other issues you describe.
I think you need to investigate other connection problems on your network.
Hope you can solve it and enjoy the dashboard.

I am not closing the Browser or dashboard web page.
On my Ipad the display screen logs out and I used my finger print or code to get back in.
Browser with dashboard is still there is but the connection to voyager is no longer active. IP address is gone too.
Log out is a normal security setting for most Ipads and phones.

Glad the next release will retain IP info that will help


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Hello Max,

when Ipad or Iphone close the screen … all the connection to web will be closed.
Dashboard isnt a normal application but a web remote application. We’ll add a status about the target images done with parameters when you connect and add last IP used stored.

Thanks for your feedback.

All the best

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Thanks Leo. I look forward to next release. It is a beautiful thing

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I’m really impressed!
Works great, and information provided there is much more legible to me than on the standard UI - great work, my congratulations.

BTW, I particularly appreciate the Progress panel on the web interface - now I have an idea of the actual progress of my sequence :slight_smile:


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I am trying to get the web dashboard to work and I know I am doing something wrong.

I connect to my computer to my observatory about 300 ft away by a wireless network from my house with team viewer. I have put the ip address of the observatory computer into the dashboard but it fails to connect. Any ideas on what I need to do? Thanks,


ok. I think I have it figured out…Seems to be working …Mike