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Hello to everyone here

Geremia, Voyager advanced beta tester in Naples, Italy.


Good morning from Shawinigan Canada

It’s -30c this morning and I had my first run with Voyager Advance without issues.

I will have some suggestions in the next few days!!

Clear Skies !


Great to see people checking in!
I started with running Advanced on one pier. No issues so I installed it on all three of my piers.
Ran all night the night before last, all good!

Looking forward to hearing from other beta testers.


Hoi all here from NL, yep ist to bad weather :frowning: here for days

I am checking in from Southern California. I downloaded the beta last night and I am familiarizing myself with the Advanced features. I plan to do my first test tonight. The weather is looking good.


Lynn from Texas,

Ran RoboTarget direct Saturday night for a few targets, and modified a dragscript to run it a few hours Sunday night till the clouds rolled in (of course) Other than my usual idiot user errors, both session ran with out issues. Rain and work next few days, least it will give me time to add a few targets.


I’m from Northern California,

I got Advanced running last night with RoboTarget scheduler in my perpetual script. I’m a fairly new user to Voyager so I’m still working out some bugs in my script but the Advanced features ran great.


Maybe it can be useful to someone

for those who use a CMOS with “Bayer Matrix”, in the Shot section, it is not possible to configure it at the moment, Sunday morning with Leonardo we found a WORKAROUND, just set a simulated filter wheel and choose a filter, so you can select it in the Shot Tab “Filter to Use” section and conclude the slot


Thanks Geremia.

Leo has fixed this and it will be coming in the next update to beta testers, but your workaround is a good one. I have actually been running this way accidentally - I changed one OTA from a mono camera to a color one with filters and forgot to change the camera type to OSC!


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Hi Rowland, just wanted to clarify. A base sequence may have filter shots set already, but it seems that you must also add ‘shots’ to each target otherwise the sequence cannot be run? It was mentioned that adding ‘shots’ to a target overrides the base sequence slots?
If I have a base sequence set with exposure slots defined, but no target ‘shots’, I get an error.
I will provide screenshots in the morning to explain further what I’m encountering.

Hello from Southern California; Just finished my first night with Advanced version, and it runs smoothly. I assume it would be fine to post some suggestions/questions here and looking for helps from the group? Or shall I directly connect with Leonardo via email?


Hi Dan,
You must define shots in the target.
Shots int he base sequence are ignored.

Hi Yizhou,

Glad to hear you had a smooth night’s operation - seems like everyone is having that which is great.

You can ask questions here, we just can’t give official support which is obtained by contacting the support email address as usual.


Checking in from very cloudy England.

Just getting my head around profiles, base sequences and sets and how I may want to organise things. Will probably become clearer after using it live. May have to setup a profile with simulators given the weather forecast! I also need to think how a new DragScript might look.

Am I right in assuming that if the sequencer finds no eligible target say, due to a moon down constraint on all targets, it will keep cycling round until one does become eligible or until however night end is setup.


Hi Jon here from the Gulf Coast,
Got advanced installed yesterday and figured out how to set targets and shots. One issue came up which I’m sure was my fault. I have my dragscript set to wait and offset night start by 15min prior to astronomical night after my dome is open and mount homed so things get rolling and focusing is complete a few minutes prior to actual night. I had set a -10 min offset in Robotarget and when run within my dragscript I got the error “time not reached” and my dragscript ended with a exit code and shutdown. Moral to the story, I think, is to make sure any offset in RoboTarget, that is prior to night, has already been reached prior to it being called in the dragscript. Will test that next clear night.

I manually ran it after night had started and everything in the scheduler seemed to work fine.

Some thought also needs to go into setting up your shots. If you set up shots on a target they are done in the order that they are in the list. So, for example, if you are trying to time your exposures to take red first, green second, blue third and luminance near the meridian you have to plan that out carefully in the shot section. I made the mistake of not realizing this. Anyways, so far so good.


Hi Jon

I thought about your last point and perhaps you could set the target up multiple times, once for each filter and have different constraints on each probably based around hour angle.


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Hi Jon -
Thanks for the report!

It sounds like you might not have caught the “SKIPPED” status return from calling RoboTarget in your DragScript. That status is returned if the night start time has not yet been reached, and you need to check for it, wait a bit, and then loop back to call RoboTarget again. Once the BEGIN Time has been reached, as specified by you (night start +/- night start offset), RoboTarget will begin to schedule targets and image them.

It is very important to catch the three possible status returns from your call to RoboTarget in your DragScript. I discuss this in my blog post in the “Running RoboTarget from a DragScript” section:: Part 4: Voyager RoboTarget at Runtime - Rowland's Astro Blog

Here’s the key code to include:


Chris -

That’s exactly how to handle the case where you wish to allow some filters to image at lower altitudes than others.

You can use wider ranges of the HA constraint for filters you want to shoot lower down.

I’ve been imaging that way for years - sometimes it’s called a “staircase sequence” - but now I’m going to try imaging all my filters when the target is closer to the meridian. I’m experimenting with +/- one hour and +/- two hours of the meridian (the HA constraint). Of course if you have limited clear skies and want to finish targets sooner, this won’t get data as quickly. But it will get higher quality data.


Hey all

I’ve already had the chance to test Advanced the last two nights and again right now. So far it’s working pretty much perfecty. :slight_smile:

One question: In Rowland’s blog post (thanks btw, a very useful read!) I saw the following:

Any constraints that have the “Activate” field checked will override the corresponding constraint, if one exists, in the base sequence. Otherwise, the base sequence constraint is enforced.

However, that does not seem to be the case for me - at least for the Hour Angle End constraint (haven’t tested the others yet). In my base sequence file I’ve checked “Exit Sequence if Target is after this HourAngle” and set its value to 0, but it seems to be ignored by RoboTarget (the ephemeris image still shows the area after the meridian in black instead of in red like I would’ve expected). This feature would be super useful to me because that constraint must always be the same for all my targets.

And a small suggestion: it would be nice if creating/loading a target from RoboClip would also automatically fill in the Position Angle constraint value.